Marcia Engel: "So much trouble to find my own parents . For a right that every child - the right to contact his parents . I figured the spot : this has to change , I 'm going to help people. And this goes beyond the search for relatives. I want to make people aware of their rights and opportunities.”


I was adopted out of Bogota, Colombia when I was still a baby almost 30 years ago.

I was feeling how so many adoptees searching for their families feel: hopeful, but apprehensive about how to go about finding them in a way that felt safe, supportive and positive.

When I found Plan Angel I had already looked into many other organizations and spoken to other adoptees who had reunited with family. Nothing felt right yet, so I waited. Then Plan Angel came along. What I liked about Plan Angel right away was that their website was filled with resources and information. I could tell they were really knowledgeable. Using their resources and compiling a little more information, I was able to then talk with Marcia and plan out the next steps.

The most important thing for me about Plan Angel was that they weren’t interested in making money off me, their costs were transparent and affordable and they didn’t charge me unless they found the family members I was looking for. They stayed in strong communication with me the whole way.

I could tell Marcia and the whole Plan Angel team were there for my needs. They even made finding my family so special for not just me but also my Colombian family! Now that I’m traveling back, Plan Angel is continuing to offer support. I really felt like Plan Angel wasn’t a business like so many others, and is more than an organization but an extension of my family.

Because of my experience with them, they are as much of a part of my birth-family search as my two families are. I wouldn’t recommend adoptees go anywhere else. Thank you, Plan Angel.


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