Marcia Engel: "So much trouble to find my own parents . For a right that every child - the right to contact his parents . I figured the spot : this has to change , I 'm going to help people. And this goes beyond the search for relatives. I want to make people aware of their rights and opportunities.”

Colombia self-help group

Parents in Colombia who have given up their child have no right to search for their child. Fathers often have even no say at all whether their child will be given up for adoption. And there are cases where children are given up for adoption without their parents’ consent.

Parents often live in (hidden) sadness and incomprehension and have nowhere to go with it. Not a single day goes by without thinking of their child(ren) and without wondering how they are doing. They are left with nothing, experiencing a great void.

Self-help groups

Plan Angel wants to set up a group of, by and for parents who have been separated from their child(ren), in every city in Colombia. By connecting these parents with each other Plan Angel would like to give them strength and hope. They can support each other emotionally and help each other with problems they encounter.

By setting up these groups, we want to increase the self-reliance of the parents. There are opportunities for parents to locate their children and to get more information about what happened. Parents often do not know this and the foundation therefore offers a platform where anyone can ask questions.  

They can also help others in the search for family members.


We are currently working on the official registration of the Plan Angel Foundation in Colombia. And we have frequent contact with the Colombian Child Protection Agency about how they can support the project. Confidence is high and the first phase looks promising.

We will keep you informed of further developments.