Marcia Engel: "So much trouble to find my own parents . For a right that every child - the right to contact his parents . I figured the spot : this has to change , I 'm going to help people. And this goes beyond the search for relatives. I want to make people aware of their rights and opportunities.”

DNA kit for biological parents in Colombia

Minimal effort with maximum results

Biological parents, torn and helpless, are the forgotten story in the adoption world. They let go of their children under the direst circumstances. There are cases where children were given away for adoption without their biological parents’ knowledge.  A search is almost impossible for this group. With our new project "DNA kit", we remove the barriers and help biological parents to find their children and, in doing so, we also make it much easier for adopted children to find their biological parents. Let us help you join us.

Family Tree DNA

People can buy DNA testing kits through the brilliant initiative Family Tree DNA and register in a system that connects family members on the basis of DNA. Many adopted children have registered themselves through this system, but, to be successful, biological parents must also register.  However, Colombian biological parents often face many obstacles with the purchase of a DNA testing kit: they may not know of the opportunity, may not speak English and may not have any money.

These are the obstacles we want to remove. We want to provide free DNA testing kits for biological parents and to provide guidance to them in the process.

Pilot Program to Help 100 families Successful!

Late last year, we launched a pilot project to purchase 100 DNA testing kits for biological families in Colombia. In spite of seeming hopeless odds, we received many heartwarming reactions and many donations. We can now say with pride and gratitude that 100 mothers and fathers have taken one step closer to finding their children.

DNA kit Phase 2

But we are not there yet! As previously indicated, we have contacted 350 families in Colombia that are searching for their lost children. So we need another 250 DNA testing kits.

You can help

Our first goal of € 5000 was achieved. Now, we are raising money to help the other 250 families, and you can contribute:

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                   DNA kit

Are you adopted and want to order a DNA kit at Family Tree DNA? Please choose the Family Finder test.

Please let us know if you have any questions, you can contact Plan Angel via the contact form, or +31 6 47 87 18 69