Marcia Engel: "So much trouble to find my own parents . For a right that every child - the right to contact his parents . I figured the spot : this has to change , I 'm going to help people. And this goes beyond the search for relatives. I want to make people aware of their rights and opportunities.”


Plan Angel has close contacts with different organizations in the field of exchanging knowledge and experience, to cooperate and to launch new projects.

We believe in our message and we want to help as many people as possible. It is nice to see that we are not alone and that we have the support of many organizations.

Below are testimonials from some organizations that support the work of Angel Plan:

Professor Hoksbergen

Marcia not only brings family members together, she brings the reality of adoption out into the open. In this way she directly contributes to improving the conditions surrounding adoption, especially in Colombia. She has given a voice to adoptees and all those connected to them.

Colombian Consulate
Plan Angel is in close contact with the Colombian Consulate. The consulate often refers people to Plan Angel and prepares notarized authorizations for adoptees looking for their parents.

Furthermore, the two organizations regularly exchange knowledge and experience.

More recommendations will follow soon.