Marcia Engel: "Zoveel moeite om mijn eigen ouders te vinden. Voor een recht dat ieder kind heeft – het recht om te weten wie zijn ouders zijn. Ik bedacht ter plekke: dit moet anders, ik ga mensen helpen. En dit gaat verder dan het zoeken naar familieleden. Ik wil mensen bewust maken van hun rechten en mogelijkheden.”


As an adoptee you can encounter all sorts of problems. You may feel misunderstood, different, alone, or you struggle with your origins and identity and the lack of information.

Do you want to find your parents, or maybe just want to know how they are doing? Are you looking for information about your background or would you like to get in contact with fellow adoptees? Or do you you need a listening ear and do you want to share your experiences?

Whatever you are dealing with and whatever you are looking for, Plan Angel is there for you.

And not only for adoptees. Also parents who have to live away from their children may encounter problems.

Plan Angel offers an opportunity for adoptees and parents to find each other and to learn more about each other without paying large sums of money.

Below you can find out how we can help you:

I am looking for my biological parents

Plan Angel can help you  in your search for your biological parents in many ways. The page 'How can I find my biological parents?' tells you all about how Plan Angel supports you and in the 'Roadmap for finding your biological parents' you discover what you can do yourself.

Marcia: "My own search for my parents was a long and difficult one and all doors remained closed until I went to pay. I had such a hard time finding my parents, while every child has the right to know who his/her parents are. I want to help people who are experiencing the same problems.”

I am looking for my biological child(ren)

Have you lost sight of your child(ren)? Please contact Plan Angel. We can help you in many different ways.


The majority of our support goes to Colombia. Over the years we have built a wide and strong network here. We maintain close contact with the Colombian Consulate in the Netherlands and different relevant organizations in Colombia, including the Colombian Child Protection Agency. 

Our network of people supporting us in Colombia, is expanding further and further. Also the father of Marcia is committed with passion to support Plan Angel in the searches and in setting up a network of self-help groups for parents in Colombia.

Family Constellations for adoptees

Plan Angel organizes family constellations especially for adoptees together with psychologist Corry van der Lee-den Boer. These constellations are similar to others, with the exception that Corry pays specific attention to the subject of adoption and what constellations can contribute to problems that might be related to being adopted. No specific meetings for adoptees scheduled at this time? Would you like to participate? Then please contact Plan Angel. 

Do you want to know more about family constellations and Corry van der Lee? Please visit her website