Marcia Engel: "Zoveel moeite om mijn eigen ouders te vinden. Voor een recht dat ieder kind heeft – het recht om te weten wie zijn ouders zijn. Ik bedacht ter plekke: dit moet anders, ik ga mensen helpen. En dit gaat verder dan het zoeken naar familieleden. Ik wil mensen bewust maken van hun rechten en mogelijkheden.”

How can I find my biological parents?

From personal experience but also as someone who has been supporting other adoptees in their search for their biological parents for years, Marcia knows which procedures should be followed and what steps should be taken. Over the years, Plan Angel has built a wide and strong network of people and organizations in the Netherlands and Colombia. Marcia’s experience and commitment as well as the extensive network have already enabled Plan Angel to help many people.

Marcia: "No search is the same but what they have in common is that it is always a long and arduous road.
It may take years before any movement is made and results can be seen. At the same time, it is often a beautiful and special journey,
in which you will learn more and more about your background, your culture and your family."

How Plan Angel can help you

Plan Angel can support you in your search for your birth parents by:
- providing advice on the steps to take and the necessary documents
- obtaining adoption files 
- completing adoption files
- establishing contact with organizations in the Netherlands and Colombia
- its Colombian network of people actively searching 
- emotional support

We do ask a small fee of 300.000 pesos (please check how much that is in your own currency). This is on a no cure no pay conditions. You only pay after it has been confirmed that we indeed have found your family. This money will go in full and directly to our contact person(s) in Colombia. We do ask a donation upfront of 20 euro. This donation will be used for our DNA project. Please contact us if you need more additional information.

                             "Door de inzet en het medeleven van Plan Angel, Marcia blijft de hoop bestaan op het vinden van je familie.
                                                      Marcia begrijpt dat niet alleen papierwerk is voor ons, maar dat het om ons leven gaat."

                                                                         - Sahira Emilia Chagres -

What you can do

If you prefer to search by yourself or just want to explore the possibilities then this roadmap will help you.

You can always contact us if you get stuck in your search, if you want to share your story or if you have some questions.